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Your metaverse of purchases, infoproducts and information. 


Metaverse is the terminology used to indicate a type of virtual world that tries to replicate reality through digital devices. It is a shared collective and virtual space, constituted by the sum of "virtual reality", "augmented reality" and "Internet". (wikipedia)


Who we are!

R35 Marketing is a Metaverse of purchases, infoproducts and information. This online platform was created to make your day easier, here you can find products from several renowned brands, infoproducts,  including general information on our blog.

It is not news that the digital market has been growing considerably and with the facilities that we find in this market, with them come people of bad nature and opportunists who make it difficult and propagate fear in carrying out actions in the digital environment. 

When seeing the difficulties and fears of friends, partners and family members when making a purchase or research, it was easy to conclude that a company that brings together several brands where the final customer can make their purchases with 100% security, is necessary._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Now you can count on our platform!

The brands present here are in fact official stores, this guarantees your browsing on the internet in a completely reliable way and that your product will arrive in accordance with the policies of the companies accessed.

In addition to the security that R35 proposes for you, we provide discount coupons and advantages for you to enjoy and enjoy the best that the digital market can offer, also contributing to your economy. In addition, you can purchase free infoproducts such as ebooks, digital books  in PDF files. 

It is with great joy that I recommend, especially for people with an older age group, to make their purchases with our partner stores, after all, the facts of applied scams are recurrent and this generates terror, making it impossible for these people to trust the digital market and automatically take advantage of the numerous advantages of buy and get offers that are difficult to find in physical stores today. 

'My dear and beloved Mother is proof of that and today I feel fulfilled to be able to offer this security to her." - Aline Rossi

Take this solution to your life and also to the people you love and consider. 

Make your purchases here at R35 with ease and 100% safe.

How it all started! 

The R-35 arose out of a need, and turned into will, commitment, commitment, dedication and love.

"'The name, something personal, represents the initial of one of my surnames and two digits which I feel great sympathy for."" Reports the entrepreneur Aline Rossi, responsible for making this dream come true. 

It all started in mid-2015 with a great opportunity, which Aline, after completing her Marketing course, started working as a freelancer developing projects, graphic design and marketing for friends who already knew her work and were betting on her proposals.

Since then, with each passing week, new customers are part of this world, which further increase the passion, commitment and dedication of this team, whose main objective is to satisfy, collaborate and surprise!


At R35 Marketing, we care about the people around us. We treat their individuality with due respect and fairness. We listen carefully to all voices and act to transform realities.


We are proud to be conscientious people. And that's why we have a constant interest in sharing knowledge about different groups and cultures, with practicality and, above all, security.



Our goal is to become a reference company in the metaverse, admired and respected by everyone. Collaborate fairly and ethically with as many people as possible. Share information, contents  and tips  with foundations in order to help and add value in the life of the professional and also of the end customer.



Affective responsibility 

Social and environmental respect 


Fair Values


Innovation and Improvements 

Constant Updates 






Aline Rossi

CEO R35 Marketing

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